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What is an Issue Caucus?

An Issue Caucus is a grouping of members of a specific special interest group! Currently, we have a Stonewall, Seniors, Young Dems, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Caucuses!

Additionally, we would like to restart Healthcare and the Progressive Caucuses and would like to create an LDS Caucus! 


Here are the following descriptions and qualifications to be a part of the caucus! 

  • Stonewall - This caucus is for anyone that identifies with the LGBTQA+ community or those that are allies! This caucus works towards creating a place for like-minded people to have a community within the party and work with the county party on LBGTQA+ on political goals.   Any self-identifying LGBTQA+ individuals & Allies are welcome to join.

  • Seniors - This caucus's purpose is to advocate for laws, policies, and programs that improve the lives of Senior Americans and educate all people on the experiences of Seniors. Anyone over the age of 18 and is not a member of any political party that holds closed conventions is welcome to join.

  • Young Dems - This caucus is for anyone under the age of 36 and its political activities include an emphasis on increasing the voter turnout of young people. Anyone under the age of 36 is welcome to join.

  • LDS - Latter-day Saint Democrats is a home for left-of-center Mormons. They value their membership in the Church and see the gospel as our biggest asset in developing a nation of inclusiveness, self-reliance, and unfeigned love. Anyone is welcome to join.

  • Healthcare -  The purpose of this caucus is to educate people about and influence legislation pertaining to healthcare. They hope to be a resource for individuals by disseminating information in a timely manner and to work to create a network of people across the state who are interested in adopting legislation and policies that result in accessible, quality, affordable healthcare for all Utah citizens.  Anyone is welcome to join. 

  • Progressive - This caucus proposes, advocates, and supports progressive policies and candidates that promote economic, racial, social, and environmental justice for all. Anyone is welcome to join.

  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) - This caucus advocates for policies that advance the priorities of communities of color across Utah County, remove institutional barriers that people of color face, create coalitions across racial lines, and increase civic participation and representation in all levels of government.  Anyone is welcome to join.

What Caucus Do You Want To Join?

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